Such nominated at Bite My Music Global Awards

Yes. you got that right. Such, together with Up Dharma Down, Boss Mic, Mobbstar and Cerumentric got selected to rep the country on this global awards. Voting will start on Feb 29 after bands are categorized. We will need all your help!

For more info, check out the official press here:

Again, here’s our band’s FB page:

While waiting for it, you can start sharing our videos and our page to your friends. Just go to and pick a video there.. We will greatly appreciate it!

TBC live at B.A.T..C! december 28, 8 p.m. Due to recent events, the production and the band have decided to turn our gig at Iligan tomorrow into a fund raising event. All proceeds from the gig will go to Team Pasmo in support of the victims of Sendong. CDO bands will also be playing (GASULINA and TABULARASA) and SUCH of iligan. See you all later Iliganons!

punk goes pop 4–album review


I have always been anticipating releases like this from Fearless Records. Although I don’t buy the actual record (like we’re supposed to), still, it’s quite amazing to hear how different punk/hardcore/rock artists interpret different songs from different genres ranging from hip-hop, new wave, rock, and, of course, pop.

the latest release from Fearless is the freshest addition to their Punk Goes series which is dubbed, “Punk Goes Pop 4” which tells you that it came out after “Punk Goes Pop 3” but I am not Rebecca Black so I will not teach you what comes before 3 or whatever. Fuck that and let’s go straight to the music. Here are some of the bands that were part of this compilation:

Pierce the Veil – Just the Way You Are

Now, PTV is a great act, IMO. Vic Fuentes and the rest of the quartet’s rendition fits perfectly. Vic has this high-pitched voice that can mimic any female vocal sound so he sang Bruno Mars’ worldwide hit without breaking a sweat. The instrumental arrangement also wasn’t overkill; it was a perfect balance of everything rock and roll. This the reason why I think Fearless made a good decision of using the track as their promotional song for the entire compilation.

Woe, Is Me – Last Friday Night

What would you get if you take Katy Perry’s uber pop party soundtrack and fuck it all up by meshing it with metal core components? You get this cover by Woe, Is me. The band, together with their new lead singer, Hance Alligood, nailed this song like nailing a nail straight down the wooden whatever. You get the lo-fi intro, poppy, hyped and shit; that’s cool. But when you get to the pre-chorus part (or whatever it’s called), all hell pours into one soup bowl with you and the rest of your ancestors drowning in it.

So these are just two of the tracks that I wanted to review. Believe me, I have listened to the whole album from beginning to end and I definitely think that this is the remedy. if you have that guilty urge to listen to these songs but couldn’t stand Katy Perry’s or Britney Spears’ (yeah, she’s in there. the song, I mean.), this is a very good excuse.

And to feed your lust, here’s the entire album, available for streaming, FREE! oh yeah… Goes Pop 4 by Fearless Records