Such’s New Music Video for “True”

I have been waiting for a long time for this and now we can finally see it. Such’s music video for their first single, “True”. Well, it’s supposed to come out before “Run” but what the hell, it’s all good. Sir Govi Murillo of Shutterbug Creative Lounge did a great job on it and its at par with international standards (whatever that means, i think it means that its good). this shit’s epic! check it out..

Such official music video “True” by Govi Murillo Shutterbug Creative Lounge (
from the debut album “Forward to Hastings” available now!
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Distributed by Suchissuch Records

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Special Thanks to:

Gaps Sabuero
Leia Nada Marohombsar

Gov Murillo
Jaime Murillo

EJ Talaroc
Gaps Sabuero

Video Editing/Post Colorista:

The Video was shot at GAMEROOM Studio, Iligan City

Plugg AdMagazine

Maureen Branzuela

Kushella Lluch – Vocals
John Vincent Bermundo – Drums
Simon Sabuero II – Guitars
Michael Joseph Pacalioga – Guitars
Brando Bartolome – Synths
EJ Talaroc – Bass

Music Mixed and Mastered by:
Mark Banaag

2 thoughts on “Such’s New Music Video for “True”

    1. Hey Bro. Thanks for the appreciation. Sir Gov and the rest of the se7enoclock brothers are superb! Hahaha, that, we did. absolutely no meat. Regarding the torrent, well, we couldnt do anything about it. I mean, we couldnt possibly stop people from sharing. But in a way, in this particular stage, it helps us spread the music. People are really skeptical when it comes to buying new music, especially indie. Thanks again!

      btw, yeah, were waiting for Gov’s signal and we’ll probably shoot a new one with them. hopefully.. =]

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