forward to hastings album art

Forward To Hastings Album Review

Here’s something that a friend of our drummer wrote and was posted on the tumblr of our guitar player which I copied and pasted here on my blog so that more people will be able to read it. Enjoy:

A friend of our drummer was kind enough to write a little review about our album. So here it goes:

Ever since the release of their self-titled EP a couple years back, my interest was piqued well enough to wait out for their full-length album. Although it took many years to come out,Such’s album, Forward to Hastings, has finally arrived. Although I might say that they’re still rough around the edges, but compared to their previous releases, they have certainly come a long way. The emotive melodies, plangent chords and rock anthems in the album give this band a fresh and buoyant kick-start into the music scene.

Though dominantly indie rock, the songs give indication of an eclectic variety of musical influences without the added clichés. So for those who prefer clear-cut ear candy over adventurousness, their type of songs would take time to get used to. From start to finish,Such brings in a succession of volume, texture and creativity into their tapestry of music. I like the fact that they have not succumbed to that commercialized and stagnant formula that is quite the common pattern for most bands nowadays. I’m not exactly a purist when it comes to music in the strictest sense. Yet, some songs do have a tendency to sound alike regardless if they come from different music groups, so it’s a fresh change to listen to something that’s kind of out of the box.

Forward to Hastings jumpstarts with the song “Run” and with its upbeat tempo, is an appropriate opening to the album that gets your foot tapping and head nodding. The album has listed ten songs of which two of them namely “Nothing” and “Out in the Open” were released earlier and included in the EP. Yet, in the current album, they have a different version of the songs and I must admit, with the added twist, it sounds a lot better than before. To be honest, Such has completely taken me by surprise. From the fresh beats of “Backseat Opera, to the soulful melody of “Orchid Shifts” and the mercurial tones of “Radiance”, these atypical tracks not only rock and exhilarate the individual but they underscore the band’s unexpected bold direction to try something new.

In conclusion, Such’s Forward to Hastings is definitely worth listening to. With their unpredictable yet catchy tracks, it would certainly leave you wanting more. Although Such has yet to reach their full potential, they’re off to a good start. Let’s just hope they don’t turn into those generic zombies that dominate the music scene.

forward to hastings album art
Such Forward to Hasting Album art..

– review by baritrit

download Such’s single “True” for free at

Credits to:

– The friend of our drummer who made the review

– Simon Sabuero for posting this first. You can find the original post here ===>

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