There Goes Rock Music…

First, i need you to view this video and reflect afterwards. Let me warn you that what you may see could make you do violent things , viewer discretion is advise.

Are you done? Now, tell me; WHAT IN THE FUCKING WORLD IS THIS?!

Okay, crabcore is not that bad, its understandable that some bands want to water some shit down to make it more enticing, but this?! this?! This is a sorry ass excuse to label themselves whatever they wanted to label themselves. And speaking of labels, why the hell would Victory Records sign this, this abomination?! Victory is has or used to have a reputation to reckon with, you know, with bands like A Day to Remember, Close Your Eyes and other Hardcore and Easycore bands that are worth moshing to; but COME ON! You could do better than this. There are no drought when it comes to good bands. Nobody in their right minds would sign these people. But there you have it, Victory might not be in their right minds as of the moment.

Okay, to be fair, i reviewed the video thoroughly, watch some of their other videos and stuff and based my reaction there and not from the hate comments that you see on this vid on YouTube (3009 dislikes out of 64 824 views and 200 likes). But don’t worry Rebecca Black fans, they are nowhere near in breaking your singing sensation’s dislike record. Anyway, here are some of the comments that would describe them.

Okay, I won’t say more.

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