Why Musicians Never Make it

I am not saying this because I am part of those artists / bands who made it but this is merely my opinion and mind you, it does makes sense.

First and foremost, what is the definition of a band who “made” it? In my opinion, this is a very broad subject. You can call yourself a successful band if you got signed, toured, sold records and stuff like that. You could also call yourself a successful act if you became popular nationwide (or worldwide) even without getting signed by a major label. Let’s use Urbandub as an example. Urbandub started out indie not just because they wanted musical and creative freedom in terms of songwriting but also because they were forced to do so due to the lack of attention from Major labels. But look at them now. Their success was not only due to the power of their songwriting and their  music as a whole; i mean, that is part of it and plays a major role but it was also because of the effort, the plans, the strategies, the combinations and luck that they reached what they have reached now. Hell, they don’t even need to be signed. But anyway, if you take that example and look at it on a certain perspective; part of the band’s success was their actions (or their manager’s actions) and decisions.

My opinion is: The primary reason why there are bands who die out without even making it is because they are not working hard enough. If you check out US bands, they put their “band careers” on the front and the jobs on the side. It is because this band thing; this rock and roll thing is what they wanted, its their passion. So they put their backs into it and come hell or high water, they will do whatever it takes to get there.

Another reason that i could think of is the crab mentality of people around you. That’s pretty much common in our country. You know; it’s the process of pulling down people who are on the process of climbing up. Like crabs when they are about to face their maker while they boil and slowly change their colors on the hot cauldron on top of the stove. Anyway, that is one thing. It’s not necessarily the main reason but it does affect a band’s chances of success.

Also, the listeners are also part of your success. Like in our city; people would prefer to listen to people who are good – looking, people who does covers and stuff, and they would gladly love that and call it whatever they would want to call it. Well, there is nothing really wrong with that, we are a free country, but if you have a city full of these people, chances are they would rather prefer something else over original music and they wouldn’t even consider it as a talent, which i find quite ridiculously amusing.

artist who writes original stuff = talentless, not worth listening to.

artist who does covers = cool, worth listening to. talented.

funny? Blame the listeners, not the artists.

well anyway, you can’t force anyone to listen to your music (although i would love to do that; shove my originals down their throats and force them to swallow). What you could do instead is to try and reach out for more people instead of wallowing in the dark shadows of the corners of your room just because some idiot told you that your music sucks (even if it does suck like rotten eggs). Reach out for more people; when it gets rejected, reach out even more. There are billions of people connected to the internet and that alone is enough reason for you to get up, make your own music, share it to the world and forget about the naysayers because they don’t mean a thing, believe in the style that you bring.

At the end of the day, there are no assurances, no formulas and no other shortcuts for you and your band to make it. It’s all in the flow and the amount of effort you have exerted. Don’t aim on getting signed because that is difficult these days, unless you do KPOP or stuff like that or you unless you wrote a song about the days of the week and had a rapper inserted somewhere between the song. Go indie instead. Work it out, sell your own CD‘s or digital albums, reach out to people. It’s also difficult but it is worth it.

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