Share yo music yo!

Y’all music buffs out there should check this shit out. Instead of the usual uploads to purevolume, myspace and the likes. Why not upload your music to Soundcloud? It’s a not – so  – new type of social website for music sharing and stuff like that. All you need to do is register an account for free ( Ofcourse they do have premium services that are loads better. FUN FUN FUN) and upload your tracks. Original stuff is also encouraged. in my opinion, that’s the whole point why Soundcloud is here; to let y’all share your music to the world. And speaking of sharing; sharing on Soundcloud has never been easier. Just click share and grab the link, embed it on Facebook or your blogs and websites and voila! Music shared! Try it! I’ve been using it for a while now and so far so good..


Well, that’s it for now!







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3 thoughts on “Share yo music yo!

  1. Hi thanks for linking my tracks in yr related articles (and if it’s automated, it’s cool too !)
    All my track are on Soundcloud, I do not need a Myspace, this latest being too slow and Facebook-like (I mean, dull) 🙂
    Marc Bestgen

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